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FHTH chapter 0 - remake

2014-02-24 14:32:22 by LoneLyBoy16


Apologies to the fans: When I created the FHTH series I worked really hard to get it as accurate as possible. However, looking back on Chapter 0 was a disappointment ... Because I rushed it and tried changing a few things. After replaying the game again I did not feel comfortable with it any longer. I had to go back and change the game. Not entirely but understand that it needs to be understandable with old and new players. It was a short game and a cut story. I wanted to give a prequel a good repuation to my fans and they deserve better. So I have been working on the chapter 0 lately and I have to say its been coming along a lot better then the old one. - So to my fans, sorry for making the last chapter a disappointment, I will be sure not to rush again.

Got my Degree!!! :D

2014-02-22 12:42:44 by LoneLyBoy16

A side note of the day! After so many years of belief and dreams. I have finally reached a high goal in my life - I finished my first years of college and I have officially received my Associates Degree in Computer Science & Honors through the Kappa Beta Delta - Honors Award. For the first time in my families history I am the first in my family to receive a High Degree. I did it! I want to thank you all for the help, inspiration and mentality to keep myself going towards my dreams. I have to thank everyone but most of all my Father Leroy Romero , my mother Nora Moore and my sister Jennifer Romero Zubia.  

I have been working on the FHTH series and am re-making FHTH chapter 0. Everything is going great in life and i am one step closer to living a bigger and better life! :D

I did it .... I am a college graduate!



Well now ... who do we have here?1163440_139284560641_n.png

FHTH Chapter 3 Concept Art

2014-02-08 00:14:41 by LoneLyBoy16

Things are looking great! :D Got some new concept going on for one of the monsters in the game. Good stuff! Sheer terror for such a small creature. - Offical FHTH Chapter 3 Concept Art

Looking for game testers! The game is more then 80% done! I am looking for players to test out the game before its offical release. PM if interested.


New game 1 minute

2013-09-30 14:05:14 by LoneLyBoy16

Slowly but surely. a rather short yet epic game.

New game 1 minute

My YouTube Channel!

2013-09-24 13:05:17 by LoneLyBoy16

Welcome to FlashDreams! Where dreams come into reality!
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My YouTube Channel!

1 minute

2013-09-04 14:43:40 by LoneLyBoy16

Been watching some freaky ass movies and saw V/H/S! Sick movie - just had to fill a hole in my head for the moment and make a side game. Watch the trailer here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FhlgvD4k0iA

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FHTH Chapter 0 - Presents Prequel Game Release today :D

2012-12-25 11:59:36 by LoneLyBoy16

It is now December on the night of the 20th. But this time it takes place back into chapter 1 with a frightening nightmare leading up towards another point. Henry isn't the only one who see's the darkness....

Enjoy the holiday nightmare special for Christmas everyone!

NOTE: Game has been re-edited and in the 2.0 version to fit the original design of the game series.

FHTH Chapter 0 - Presents Prequel Game Release today :D


I am pleased to announce im hosting a show each end of the week to show updates and progress of the game. hope everyone likes it!

Hello everyone! Well the first release of the silent hill distant scars comes out today in about 9 hrs here at noon! Hope everyone enjoys the game and well see ya there! :D

Silent hill Distant Scars Release TODAY > Portal