Entry #25

FHTH chapter 0 - remake

2014-02-24 14:32:22 by LoneLyBoy16


Apologies to the fans: When I created the FHTH series I worked really hard to get it as accurate as possible. However, looking back on Chapter 0 was a disappointment ... Because I rushed it and tried changing a few things. After replaying the game again I did not feel comfortable with it any longer. I had to go back and change the game. Not entirely but understand that it needs to be understandable with old and new players. It was a short game and a cut story. I wanted to give a prequel a good repuation to my fans and they deserve better. So I have been working on the chapter 0 lately and I have to say its been coming along a lot better then the old one. - So to my fans, sorry for making the last chapter a disappointment, I will be sure not to rush again.


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2014-11-27 10:46:41

Are you ever gonna do anything else with silent hill other than distant scars?

(Updated ) LoneLyBoy16 responds:

Yes! I was just busy with school at the moment. As of now, I am currently in the process of finishing all these games.